I keep some custom PowerShell modules stored locally on different machines, depending on the type of machine. For example, my work laptop has modules for setup and teardown of my development environment, which are modules that I don’t keep around on my personal desktop machine.

Rather than have all of this live in a PowerShell profile which I do share between different machines, I keep a tiny bit of code in my shared profile which will import any custom modules found locally.

For this, I create a LocalModules directory which sits alongside Modules and Scripts inside my PowerShell directory. As the name suggests, this is where I keep those custom modules.

Then, within my shared PowerShell profile, I do the following:

  • Check for the presence of the LocalModules directory.
  • If found, get each module file within this directory.
  • For each module file found, run the Import-Module cmdlet.

It’s very basic, but this section of my profile looks like this:

if (Test-Path ~\OneDrive\Documents\PowerShell\LocalModules)

  $localModules = Get-Item ~\OneDrive\Documents\PowerShell\LocalModules\*

  ForEach ($m in $localModules)
    Import-Module $m.FullName


For something more robust, you might specifically look for files with a pmsl extension, to ensure you don’t accidentally try to run the Import-Module cmdlet against something that isn’t a PowerShell module.